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SOMOS ACO has achieved Shared Savings for 2020!
August 26th, 2021

CMS announced results for the Medicare Shared Savings Program and we are happy to share with our members that SOMOS ACO has generated Shared Savings!

Thanks to all of our member's hard work and support, SOMOS ACO ranked 2nd out of the 41 ACOs in New York State and 3rd out of all 513 ACOs nationwide for Shared Savings Rate.

2020 was a hectic year with all the transitions into Telehealth and work from home, but through everyone's hard work and efforts, we improved and saved even more than the previous year. SOMOS ACO has continued success with our Total Shared Savings doubling from $15,471,608 to $37,811,579 and our savings rate improving from 7.07% to 18.93%

SOMOS ACO 2020 Shared Savings Results
Total Savings : $37,811,579
Savings Rate % : 18.93%
Generated Shared Savings : $18,313,628

None of this could have been achieved without the hard work of all of our physician members and their staff. Thank you again for everyone's hard work and contributions and let's keep up the momentum for the rest of 2021.

Insurance Regulations Adopted on an Emergency Basis

July 13, 2021

The New York State Department of Financial Services recently released an insurance regulations emergency adoptions of amendments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amendments state:

The New York State Department of Financial Services recently released an insurance regulations emergency adoptions of amendments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • An audio-only visit falls within the meaning of telehealth.
  • It prohibits health care plans that provide hospital, surgical, or medical expense insurance policies or contracts from imposing, and provides that no insured shall be required to pay copayments, coinsurance, or annual deductibles for covered in-network laboratory tests to diagnose COVID-19 and for visits to diagnose COVID-19 at the certain locations, including through telehealth
  • It is required that authorized insurers and health maintenance organizations that issue a policy or contract that provides hospital, surgical, or medical care coverage, excluding grandfathered health plans, to provide coverage, with no cost-sharing, of COVID-19 immunizations and the administration thereof immediately upon the earliest of the date on which certain recommendations are issued.

NYC Reopening July 1, 2021

May 17, 2021

Mayor DeBlasio has announced that NYC will fully reopen on July 1, 2021. Currently around 41% of the adult population within New York State has been fully vaccinated. Restaurants, gyms, shops, hair salons and arenas will open at full capacity. Smaller theaters could reopen over the summer and Broadway is on track for opening by September. Schools will be back at “full strength” in the fall. We are grateful for all of our physicians who continuously work hard to provide support to the community within the midst of this pandemic. Thank you for your services.

New Vaccine Pop-Up Site Opens in Underserved Queens Community
February 11, 2021

CCACO and ECAP has been working with SOMOS Community Care in providing vaccinations for New Yorkers under the New York State and City Initiatives for vaccinations.

CCACO/ECAP provider Dr. Kin Lui is the lead doctor at this State pop-up site in Bayside for Governor Cuomo's Vaccinate New York initiative. Under the leadership of Dr. Henry Chen, many of our CCACO/ECAP providers are very actively participating in the State and City initiatives for the vaccination of New Yorkers in the communities of color, new immigrant communities, and underserved neighborhoods.

The providers are Drs. George Hall, David Zhang, Ruliang Xu, Li Lu, Yanfeng Chen, Yanhan Huang, Kin Lui, Paul Yang, Chun Tung Wong, Christopher Chow, Kevin Tin, Di Zhou, John Yiu, Cong He, Agnes So, etc, and many of their office staff including NP/PAs.

CCACO and ECAP are the key components of SOMOS Community Care.

Happy Chinese New Year!
February 11, 2021


Good luck, good health and good cheer for the New Year!


CCACO & SOMOS ACO receives shared savings for 2019!
December 4, 2020

CMS announced results for the Medicare Shared Savings Program and we are happy to share with our members that both CCACO and SOMOS ACO have generated Shared Savings!

2020 has been a hectic year of learning and adjustment for most of us thus far - battling against COVID-19, learning the intricacies of working from home and Telehealth, or even just staying fit while stuck indoors! For CCACO, it has definitely been an uphill climb to maintain the success of our campaign to improve quality and Shared Savings. Today marks the end of our 2019 journey, and we are proud to share the achievements of our members!

CCACO 2019 Shared Savings Results
Savings : $15,471,608
Savings Rate % : 15.75%
Shared Savings : $7,203,967
Pro-Rated Shared Savings (Jan 01 - June 30) : $3,601,983.84

CCACO's 2019 results continues our trend of improvement shown in 2018. In 2018, we saved CMS $12,171,874 at a Savings Rate of 13.24%. This is an improvement of $3,299,734 and 2.51%!

CCACO is ranked #1 in NYS for January - June of 2019 for Shared Savings Rate! We expect to remain one of the top ACOs nationwide.

Starting from July 1st of 2019, CCACO officially formed an alliance with our friends at Balance ACO to establish a new entity named SOMOS ACO. Through working and learning from each other, we were able to bring out the best from both organizations and are proud to announce a successful pilot year for SOMOS ACO!

SOMOS ACO 2019 Shared Savings Results
Savings : $12,647,909
Savings Rate % : 7.07%
Shared Savings: $6,323,955
Pro-Rated Shared Savings (July 1 - Dec 31) : $3,161,977.37

The first year of any program is always the most challenging, as we are exploring something new and unknown. However, the results speak for themselves and we already have an even brighter outlook for 2020!

None of this could have been achieved without the hard work of all of our physician members and their staff. We hope this encourages all providers to join CCACO/SOMOS ACO and become a member of our family! Thank you for your continuous contribution and support of CCACO.

Please remain safe and healthy,

Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization.

COVID-19 Testing Sites
June 15, 2020

COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact on New York City. To combat the rapid spread of this virus, the SOMOS IPA has partnered with the office of the New York State Governor, setting up the first screening and testing sites in the Bronx and Queens.

We thank everyone who has contributed their time and effort to battle against the virus especially the volunteers - particularly doctors, physician assistants, and nurses who helped manage the medical team.

Your kindness, effort, and time will assist us in our fight against the extent of the spread to save our vulnerable communities and our beloved city.

Chinese Community ACO and Balance ACO historic partnership to form SOMOS ACO
April 1, 2020

On July 1st of 2019, CCACO and Balance ACO officially partnered up to form SOMOS ACO. This partnership brings together 2 of the largest and best performing ACOs in NYS into one entity. SOMOS ACO now comprises of over 200 physicians and over 15000 straight Medicare patients across NY, NJ, and MA. Both CCACO and Balance ACO's primary goal is to advance the state of value-based care in the tri-state area and with this partnership, we extend our commitment to advancing quality of care to our patients.

Balance ACO was the #1 ACO in NYS and the nation in 2018 for overall shared savings rate.

CCACO was the #2 ACO in NYS and #6 in the nation in 2018 for overall shared savings rate.

SOMOS ACO has a bright future ahead, and we encourage all physicians to join our network.

Please contact Regina Zhu at rzhu@ccaco.org or call us at (212) 965–0222 if interested.

CMS Announces Relief for Clinicians, Providers, Hospitals and Facilities Participating in Quality Reporting Programs in Response to COVID-19
March 22, 2020

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced unprecedented relief for the clinicians, providers, and facilities participating in Medicare quality reporting programs including the 1.2 million clinicians in the Quality Payment Program and on the front lines of America’s fight against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Specifically, CMS announced it is granting exceptions from reporting requirements and extensions for clinicians and providers participating in Medicare quality reporting programs with respect to upcoming measure reporting and data submission for those programs. The action comes as part of the Trump Administration’s response to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For ACO specific programs, please see the following update:

In addition, no data reflecting services provided January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020 will be used in CMS’s calculations for the Medicare quality reporting and value-based purchasing programs. This is being done to reduce the data collection and reporting burden on providers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the full announcement here: CMS announcement

CCACO Press Conference
December 12, 2019

The Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization held a press conference on December 12, 2019 to announce that it has earned $5.1 million in shared savings through the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

The press conference was a success. CCACO would like to thank our physicians, partners, public officials, and press for attending our press conference and helping celebrate this great achievement. The support we continuously receive from the community helps CCACO in reaching our potential.

News Article: Epoch Times, WorldJournal, The China Press, Sing Tao Daily

CCACO 2018 Shared Savings Results
August 16, 2019

With great pleasure, we are happy to announce CCACO's Medicare Shared Savings Program results for 2018.We saved a whopping total of $12.2 million and as a result will receive over $5 million in shared savings, which will be redistributed to our physicians. This is a critically notable improvement from the year before, almost triple that of $4.4 million saved and $1.9 million received in 2017.

This marks a very successful campaign for CCACO, where we initiated new infrastructure in 2018 with the goal of increasing shared savings. We placed 2nd in NYS and 6th in the nation for overall savings rate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (13.2%) in 2018. In 2017 we placed 92nd in the nation with a savings rate of 4.9%. We achieved an increase of 8.3% and moved up 86 ranks.

Our partner, Balance ACO, placed #1 in both NYS and nationwide. Our alliance now brings together the top 2 performers in NYS. SOMOS ACO has a bright future ahead and we encourage all physicians to join our network!

We could not have done this without the help of all of our members. We hope this encourages all providers to join CCACO and become a member of our family! Thank you for your continuous contribution and support of CCACO.

CCACO's Quality and MIPS Score For 2018 Has Been Officially Released
July 9, 2019

CCACO's Quality and MIPS score for 2018 has been officially released. We've received an adjustment rating of +1.57%, a significant improvement compared to +0.45% in 2017. Additionally, our Quality score increased from 89.7% to 93.5%!

2017 2018
Quality: 89.7% 93.5%
MIPS 73.2/100 97.63/100
Adjustment Rating: +0.45% +1.57%

Breaking down our 2018 adjustment rating of + 1.57%, we received the Maximum amount of 0.3% from the base MIPS incentive and 1.27% (1.75% maximum) from Excellent Performance Bonus.

For our 2018 reporting results, ACO participants will receive a positive adjustment of 1.57% in 2020 for all Original Medicare Payments.

We would like to thank our providers for all your hard work and cooperation in 2018. CCACO associates will be visiting your offices once again to help with MIPS and Quality reporting for the performance year of 2019. Let's continue and carry this momentum going forward!

SOMOS ACO Approved and In Effect for the Medicare Shared Savings Program!
May 28, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that SOMOS ACO has been approved by CMS to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). CCACO providers who submitted a SOMOS ACO Participating Provider Agreement (PPA) will continue to participate in the Shared Savings Program through SOMOS ACO as a CCACO member. As we transition CCACO providers’ participation in the MSSP to SOMOS ACO, we are required by CMS regulations to formally notify our providers that CCACO is terminating our MSSP agreement. Please click here to view the notice.